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The Séura Story

In 2003, Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson had an idea: products that bridge the gap between technology and décor. With innovation at the heart of the business, Séura continues to drive its products to new and unexplored territories. Every product is engineered and hand-crafted in Séura’s facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. ~Seura

Séura Evolution

The earliest versions of Séura products were assembled in Tim and Gretchen’s garage workshop. As interest in their ideas accelerated, so did their production. The first product line was formulated: Séura’s Enhanced Series vanshing TV Mirrors.

As demand grew, so did Séura. The Premier Series, Deco Series, Lumination Collection, and Hydra Waterproof Television were added to the line. ~Seura

The Séura Name (seer-ah)

Best known for his iconic “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte,” painter Georges-Pierre Seurat spurred the pointillist movement. By altering the eye’s perception of a picture with tiny points of color, Seurat’s pointillist methods mimic images produced by the pixels of a television. Derived from “Seurat,” Séura strives to elevate luxury technologies to fine-art status. ~Seura

Mirror Traits
Soft designer reflection combined with a high-performance television picture
Display Sizes 32″-65″
Three Beveling Sizes
100+ Frames
Arches and Holes
Display completely disappears when off
Ideal Space
Living Spaces

Vanishing Television.
Magic for grown-ups.

No white rabbit. No crystal ball. Séura’s magical mirror displays will take your breath away. When on, Premier TV mirrors provide immediate access to news and media. When off, the display completely disappears for a truly vanishing effect. But this is no illusion – this proprietary technology has been designed by Séura to create the highest performing, world-class television mirrors. Charm guests with this remarkably enchanting technology.

Gorgeous picture.
Crisper. Sharper. Richer.

Your news and entertainment has never looked so good. Séura TV Mirrors combine the best in electrical and mechanical construction for a remarkably stunning picture. Unique glass-to-glass design between the screen and mirror glass is the first of its kind. With no gap for light pollution, the picture appears bright and beautiful.

Keep the enjoyment going.
Revolutionary passive cooling.

Designed to last, Séura’s revolutionary passive cooling design keeps your TV cool for a long and glitch-free life. While excessive heat shortens the life of traditional televisions, Séura has removed the largest source of heat: the power supply. Designed to be located remotely, the power supply dissipates heat without harming delicate electronics located within the television. Uniquely, Séura’s television has no need for noisy fans or ventilation.

Integration by design. Electronics by Séura.

Every TV Mirror utilizes Séura’s own electronics. Designed explicitly for use in television mirrors, Séura TVs combine the best in home integration technology for the most beautiful high-performance picture ever. Ideal for low-profile installation, connections are positioned at the top, allowing cables to route behind the television without adding depth to the product. Séura’s elegant TV Mirrors embody the best in luxury, reliability, and performance.

32″ – 65″ screen sizes.
Get the perfect fit.

Séura’s Premier Series television mirrors are available with 32″, 42″, 46″, 55″, and 65″ screen sizes. These large LED televisions are ideal for primary television viewing and accentuate family rooms, bedrooms, and dens, as well as cleverly utilize the space over fireplaces and in back of bars. Equipped with 3 HDMI ports, Component, and multi-media USB, the Premier Series can easily integrate with many content suppliers. Integration is simple with robust RS-232 and IR control.

Unsurpassed Coatings.
Unbelievable Mirrors.

Our exclusive Premier Series mirrors employ Séura’s own specially formulated glass coatings that deliver a flawless, 100% color-accurate reflection. By reproducing a fine-tuned formula of red, green, and blue light components, reflections never appear discolored or tinted like many competitive products. Séura’s mirror-quality float glass delivers a flawless combination of mirror reflection, television brightness, and magic for a truly vanishing effect. Color corrected mirror coatings significantly enhance light transmission for the highest performance of its kind. Encapsulated on the reverse side of the glass, Séura’s coatings are protected against damage and contamination. This technique also allows beveled edges for the ultimate in elegance.

100+ Frames. Find the perfect
match for your style.

Traditional. Contemporary. Ornate. Modern. Crafted by artisans in the United States and Europe, Séura’s collection of designer mouldings are the most defining selections for your distinguished environments. Make a statement with a bold hue from the Lolli collection of candy-colored frames. Or subtly showcase your mirror with a sleek accent frame. Not sure? Allow us to send you a corner sample for review.

View the entire collection in our Frame Gallery
Installation Made Simple.
Work Faster. Watch Sooner.

Séura’s finely crafted products are fully integrated for fast, easy installation. All mounting brackets and hardware are included with every television mirror. Diagrams and custom drawings for your exact product are available as soon as you order, allowing you to make preparations before the product even arrives. Rest easy knowing Séura’s own Wisconsin-based staff of technical and engineering experts are available to assist.

American products. American excellence.

Every Séura product is designed and manufactured in our own facility. Family owned and operated in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Séura unites small-business ethics with big industry appeal. Domestic manufacturing combined with our refined processes deliver the paramount level of quality you need with the superior customer service you expect.

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