Peter Procyk | V.P. of Integration & Technology

For over 20 years Peter has mastered the knowledge to integrate various systems to operate together. With more certifications that we can list, We Trust Peter with all projects no matter the size!

  • Crestron Digital Media Certified Technician(12/11/12)Crestron Certified Programmer (9/02/11)Extron School of Configurable Control Systems (7/14/11)infoComm CTS-I (6/03/11)McIntosh Company Training Class (12/13/10)
  • McIntosh Amplifiers Training Class (12/13/10)
  • McIntosh Preamplifiers Training Class (12/13/10)
  • McIntosh Sources Training Class (12/13/10)
  • Crestron DMC-D (7/16/10)
  • Tandberg Authorized Partner Technical Training (6/04/10)
  • Extron A/V Associate (5/18/10)
  • Crestron Intermediate Crestron Programming (2/19/10)
  • infoComm CTS (4/27/09)
  • Tandberg Visitec Certified Dealer Training (4/01/09)Crestron Essentials of Crestron Programming (6/10/09)Polycom VSG Video Solutions Sales Training Course and Exam (9/15/08)Polycom VSG Video Solutions Pre-Sales Technical Training Course and Exam (9/09/08)Tandberg Certified Expert Partner (03/20/08-03/21/08)Tandberg Certified Associate Partner (03/03/08-03/05/08)Universal¬† Remote Control Advanced Automator (06/02/05)
  • UStec (05/27/05; 3/22/02)
  • Crestron Essentials of Crestron Programming(04/12/05-04/15/05)
  • AMX Programmer 1(11/16/01; 10/12/01)
  • Lutron Home Works Interactive(02/22/01; 02/21/01)